A. Robin Knows


Nestled in the Nevada landscape is the quiet town of Ely, a place that holds a hidden treasure of history. In a short and captivating 14-minute film called “A. Robin Knows,” the spotlight shines on Ely’s past during the turn of the 20th century. This was a time when people from all around the world gathered in Ely, making it a hub of cultures, all within this unassuming town.

 The film presents a handful of stories, each like a different thread in a colorful tapestry. These accounts remind us that despite different backgrounds, people can come together and create something beautiful.

As we watch “A. Robin Knows,” we’re treated to glimpses of Ely’s past.  This short film leaves us with a sense of unity and appreciation for the past. It reminds us that even in a short span of time, like 14 minutes, we can catch a meaningful glimpse of history. “A. Robin Knows” is a tribute to the diverse tapestry that Ely became, a mosaic of cultures that transformed a simple town into a vibrant community.